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Time for Kate Moss. Last time I saw in the bookshop some book with the Kate on the cover. The book ,,The Making Of An Icon” was published in 2012 by Harper Design in NY. I heard something about this book earlier but Now it’s my first time with this history. The book was written by Christian Salmon. He is a member of the Center for Research in the Arts and Language, founder of the International Network of Cities of Asylum and the journal Autodafe and so much more. In my opinion Salmon trying explore the phenomenon Kate in the current world in his book. I know that many people thinks that icon seems to be something worthy of an almost religious adoration but I believe, that after reading this book We can talk about Kate like a person who became an icon in fashion and culture… Maybe in spite of her addiction of drugs in the past and other problems, We can treat her carreer success like an interesting phenomenon for Making Of An Icon… In the history of fashion modeling can’t find a phenomenon quite on the scale of this model. Her image in our culture is very incredible, Christian Salmon trying to tell a true story about Kate’s life, successes, collaborations in fashion world. I’m not a journalist but She is a huge inspiration for me. So Kate… is an introduction in this book- I recommend this book for people who likes legends in culture. In my opinion Moss is a more of a legend.


*My fashion inspiration: Dusty rose trousers


I choosen coat from Tiger of Sweden which is very timeless and always is a good idea for elegant look.


These boots are from flea market – italian black leather (my huge love)
















My favourite shots by Mario Testino


by Mario Testino

Kate Moss Mario Testino

by Mario Testino

Mario Testinoshots

by Mario Testino

kate-moss-mario testino

by Mario Testino